Breakfast Foods You Should Stop Eating

The first thing we eat effects our all the day tune. We start our day with disastrous food choices that set the tone for an entire day of poor nutrition. Breakfast comes at the culmination of what’s essentially an 8-hour fast.

Honestly, we romanticize breakfast so much in our society when so much of it is basically a gratuitous dessert. All-American breakfast that is a classic thing that is a sugar and sodium haven with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and sugary cereals as the major culprits.

We need to stop eating these and a few more make up the following list of the foods you should stop eating for breakfast immediately. This classic or what I can say we eat daily is not good for starting your day.

Here are some of the things you should stop eating in your breakfast:

Granola Bars:

These contain fats that’s all I can say about them. They are branded and marketed as things which are fit for a person or that anyone who eats Granola Bars are fit person to go. Please don’t be fooled by the granola bars coated in chocolate and marketed to you as a meal for the “fit person on the go.”

Many of these are loaded with sugar and barely contain any fiber or protein, though they often claim that they are. After reading the back label many of them are glorified cookies (or worse!).


Your resolution for this year should also include to cut off sugar intake in morning. You should stop eating dessert for breakfast. There’s nothing good about this, save it for an occasional snack instead. The morning sugar rush can ruin the rest of your day as inadequate amounts of fiber and protein coupled with a high sugar content can sap your energy for the entire day. Deep fried fat, mountains of sugar and refined carbs? Better stay away from them especially in mornings.


It also contains a lot of sugar and you should avoid eating it too in mornings. A bagel with cream cheese has become a breakfast staple with many justifying its perceived healthiness based on the whole grain or nuttier bagels available. Bagels are being justified as a healthy thing to eat but a bagel in itself is just too calorie-dense. Experts have mentioned that just one bagel is equivalent to four pieces of bread. If you must have one instead opt for the whole wheat or bran instead and eat only half.

Greasy Breakfast Sandwiches:

We should save these for brunch. Its a lot of calories to cope up with in morning. The iconic bacon, egg, and cheese or any other variants for that matter are filled with unhealthy fats and sodium. They are essentially the breakfast equivalent of having a cheeseburger. They are usually far too big as well also overloaded with processed cheese. Instead of an egg spinach scramble on a single slice of whole wheat toast.


Pancakes are a favorite breakfast food, and many varieties provide a number of essential nutrients. However, they can be high in calories from sugar and fat, especially if you eat them at a restaurant and if you top them with a lot of butter and syrup. You can make more nutritious versions of pancakes at home. When P90X founder Tony Horton once described pancakes as eating cake for breakfast, 16-year-old me balked.

But 28-year-old me knows that he was right. Pancakes, waffles, and their fancier cousin french toast, all fall under the same category as the donuts and other pastries: filled with empty calories and lacking in nutrients. Not to mention the dangers of too much syrup. Protein pancakes are also a thing to eat if you can’t stop craving for pancakes.

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